Travelling and Tours in Israel and Jordan

Travelling and Tours in Israel and Jordan

Israel is a very popular tourist destination these days, and a large portion of these travelers come to visit Christian places of interest.  Indeed, Christian tours to Israel are growing in popularity, thanks to the wide variety of cultural and historic sites, as well as the warm welcome afforded by your Israeli hosts.

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There are also Christian tours from Israel to Jordan, a nation which is fast becoming a very popular destination in its own right.   It is easy to devise an itinerary that encompasses these two neighboring nations, and the best way to do this is definitely by employing the services of the specialists that organize tours for Christians from Israel to Jordan.

One example of such a tour is the 9-day bible tour that begins on the historic Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. Then, after a week visiting special sites across Israel such as Nazareth and the oldest city in the world, Jericho, travelers depart for Jordan at the weekend.  Of course, the organizers of your Christian tour from Israel to Jordan will ensure that all border formalities are completed as quickly and as easily as possible.

Once in Jordan, guests will certainly wish to visit the unbelievable rose-red city of Petra, now formally recognized as one of the wonders of the world. Jordan offers a wealth of attractions too numerous to mention, but for those on the bible tour, the chance to share Moses’ view of the Promised Land from Mount Nebo is simply too much to pass up.  Not to mention that the views towards the Dead Sea across the Jordan valley are truly breathtaking.

In brief, organized tours for Christians from Israel to Jordan are a safe and economical way to see these amazing and historic countries. You will also be sure to receive a warm welcome in these holy lands.

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