Touring the wonders of Jordan

Touring the wonders of Jordan

The historic country of Jordan has today become a popular destination for both tourists and pilgrims.

The Treasury. Ancient city of Petra carved out of the rock, Jordan

Jordan is steeped in history and offers a multitude of attractions to visitors, as well as warm and gracious hospitality.

For example, the ancient city of Petra is now considered as one of the wonders of the world, while for those concerned with biblical history, stirring glimpses of the Promised Land can be obtained at Mount Nebo. The baptismal site of Al-Maghtas is an important marker for those following the life of Jesus.

The desert itself offers a direct experience of the splendors of Mother Nature, and tours to Jordan frequently include hospitality and interaction with the famous Bedouin in places such as the enthralling Wadi Rum.

We offer tours that combine all the above attractions. We are able to tailor your tour to suit your needs and wishes, while all the time guaranteeing your comfort and safety.

For example, you may choose to spend your tour visiting different sites, such as Petra, Wadi Rum and other Christian sites. Alternatively, you may feel drawn to spend more time in only one location in order to fully do justice to its scope and wonder. Simply choose one of our packages that best suits your needs, or contact us to design your own tour.

One location that is frequently a focus of tours to Jordan is the archaeological site at Petra. You may wish to focus your entire tour around this incredible place that simply breathes ancient history.

For those determined to take in as much as possible, the rugged landscape of Wadi Rum is well within reach. Enjoy this spectacular mountainous area and enjoy the hospitality of your Bedouin hosts.

For those who are pilgrims or students of Christianity, it is also possible to choose a package that focuses entirely on a selection of important biblical sites.

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