Street Art and Graffiti Tour in Tel Aviv


Tour Description

Art tour in the heart of Tel Aviv

 Walk along the streets of Tel Aviv and explore unique street art.

Dynamic life in Tel Aviv attracts many graffiti artists to the city, allowing them to express themselves through urban art. Colorful and unusual wall paintings tell stories about love, happiness but also comment on different social issues of Israel.

During the tour you will able to feel the creative spirit of Tel Aviv and learn about various aspects of street art. What exactly is graffiti and who decides how the public spaces should look? What is the meaning of those art pieces and can it be considered art? Join us to see and learn more!

Street Art & Graffiti Tour
Tour duration: Approximately 1.5 hours
With a guide in a group

Sundays & Wednesdays | 11:00

Saturdays | 17:00

Street Art & Graffiti Tour Tel Aviv
Pictures courtesy of BeTLV

The tour package includes the following:

    1. Local guide
    2. Professional overview of the street art & graffiti culture


Terms and Conditions

For days when the weather does not permit walking outside, the tours will be held in the new central bus station’s 7th floor graffiti gallery.

  • Rates are subject to amendment in the event of changes in local economic conditions.
  • Prices are relevant for groups up to 25 people, reservation for larger ones is available only in advance
  • No refund will be given for missed sites or other changes.
  • No refund for unused services included in the tour price.
  • All tours include large walking portions — contact us in advance to request special items such as wheelchairs, baby chairs
  • Tour operator does not accept any responsibility for loss, injury or damage. Participants are responsible for their own conduct and for all of their personal belongings that should never be left unattended.

 This tour package can be upgraded to:

  • Graffiti workshop
  • Artist workshop
  • Artist meet-up
  • Gallery visit

Please contact us in advance to upgrade your reservation.



Departure day/s: wednesday, saturday, sunday
Duration: 1 Day
Tour orientation: general
Your final price per person is: $425


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