IDF Elite Training Experience


Tour Description

The Israel Defense Academy offers real training experiences that are fun, exciting, and suitable for everyone. Come train in a real tactical facility, with special forces instructors and using equipment of elite units.


Short activity for families, recommended for groups of 6 and more

A 2 hour taster that is great for families. Learn to shoot with professional instructors at the Israeli Defense Academy. Afterwards choose between an hour of self-defense in “krav-maga” combat or an immersive tactical scenario with airsoft weapons.
Acquire skills, have fun, and bring the whole family together.

Believe in you!
Single, short activity for groups of 4 and more

Choose between an hour of shooting, “krav-maga” self-defense or a tactical airsoft operation for a short taste of the world of Israeli combat techniques. An hour of excitement that’s great for first-timers.
On this program you will learn that you are able to do much more than you ever thought was possible.

“Fauda” – Undercover Training
Undercover scenario recommended for groups of 6 and more

“Fauda” undercover scenario gives you a real taste of an undercover mission. Exercise your stealth and decision making skills while completing tasks and avoiding threats. You will be on your own, under pressure, and in a hostile territory. This activity is built for those who love a challenge, and it can be easily set up anywhere in Israel!

Details: Available it different locations across the country, contact us for more information.

Departure day/s: monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, sunday
Duration: 1 Day
Tour orientation: general
Your final price per person is: $250
  • Transportation
  • Professional instructors
  • Rates are subject to amendment in the event of changes in local economic conditions.
  • No refund will be given for missed sites or other changes.
  • No refund for unused services included in the tour price.
  • Tour operator does not accept any responsibility for loss, injury or damage. Participants are responsible for their own conduct and for all of their personal belongings that should never be left unattended.


  • Jordan Wonders Tour – Bed and Breakfast

    The Jordan Wonders Tour departs on Thursdays, with a minimum of 2 people only required to guarantee the departure. The Tour is of Christian / General orientation. It is 4 a days tour with 3 nights accommodation and 3 touring days.

      Departure day/s: thursday
      4 Days
      tour_orientation: christian, general
    from $910
  • Israel Prelude – Bed and Breakfast Tour

    The Israel Prelude Tour departs daily, with a minimum of 1 person only as a requirement to guarantee the departure. The Tour is of Christian / General orientation. It is 5 days tour with 4 nights accommodation and 3 touring days

      Departure day/s: every day
      5 Days
      tour_orientation: christian, general
    from $885
  • The Vegan Experience in Tel Aviv

    Tasting tour of top quality vegan cuisine in Tel Aviv! You will be able to learn about the history of culinary culture in the region and why most of the popular dishes in Israel are plant-based. Join us and taste the best of vegan dishes prepared by talented chefs!

      Departure day/s: monday, wednesday
      1 Day
      tour_orientation: general
    from $125
  • Holyland Wednesday – Half Board Tour

    The Holyland Wednesday Tour departs on Wednesdays, with a minimum of 2 persons only required to guarantee departure. The Tour is of Christian orientation. It is a 9 days tour with 8 nights accommodation and 6 touring days.

      Departure day/s: wednesday
      9 Days
      tour_orientation: christian
    from $1,685
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