Flea Market Tour in Tel Aviv-Jaffa


Tour Description

Explore an authentic flea market in Jaffa

Join a tour of an ancient street market in Jaffa that transformed into a trendy Tel Aviv spot.

In the heart of the Old City part of Tel Aviv you can find the ancient flea market which was established in the 19th century when Jaffa port was crowded with merchants and pilgrims from all over the world.

On the small streets of the market you will mind a variety of shops selling vintage items, such as furniture, paintings, carpets and various knick-knacks. The market area also offers an opportunity to relax in the midst of all the action — just take a seat in any of the cosy cafes offering local delicacies and listen to the music played by street musicians.

During the tour you will be exploring this unique place where history and tradition blend together with new trendy spots, all while having the comfort of being shown around the best parts of the Jaffa market by a professional guide.

Flea Market Tour
Tour duration: Approximately 2 hours
With a guide in a group

Every Sunday | 12:30

Flea market tour
Pictures courtesy of BeTLV

The tour package includes the following:

    1. Local guide
    2. 4 food tastings in authentic market stalls
    3. 1 drink
    4. 1 dessert

Terms and Conditions

  • Rates are subject to amendment in the event of changes in local economic conditions.
  • Prices are relevant for groups up to 25 people, reservation for larger ones is available only in advance
  • No refund will be given for missed sites or other changes.
  • No refund for unused services included in the tour price.
  • All tours include large walking portions — contact us in advance to request special items such as wheelchairs, baby chairs
  • Tour operator does not accept any responsibility for loss, injury or damage. Participants are responsible for their own conduct and for all of their personal belongings that should never be left unattended.

 This tour package can be upgraded to:

  • Premium tastings
  • Chef cooking workshop

Please contact us in advance to upgrade your reservation.

Departure day/s: sunday
Duration: 1 Day
Tour orientation: general
Your final price per person is: $425


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