The most interesting places to visit in Israel

The most interesting places to visit in Israel

Israel is a wonderfully diverse country with something to offer to every visitor. From the historical and religious sites to the beaches of Tel Aviv and the shores of the Dead Sea, tourists have plenty of activities to choose from.

Israel is of particular interest to Christian Tourists, many of whom view the country as the holy land. Indeed, almost a quarter of all visitors to Israel define their visit as a pilgrimage.

Most Christian visitors wish to visit Jerusalem, for obvious reasons. The most popular sites for Christian pilgrims include the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Church of the Nativity, the Church of the Resurrection, Old Jaffa, the Jewish Quarter, Capernaum, and the Tower of David.

Here we highlight a selection of some of the most interesting places to visit:

Of all the sites of historic or geographical interest, you might want to visit while you’re in Israel, the most interesting ones are those on the Israel National Trail. The trail stretches across Israel from north to south and goes through many of the most interesting regions of this beautiful land. As part of the trail, you can visit Christian sites such as:

1) The Old City of Acre This is the only preserved crusader-city in Israel, and as such, there are many cultural artifacts and relics to behold. Visitors can explore the underground city, the crypt, and the knights’ halls.

2) The Sea of Galilee A beautiful and historic area where Jesus was very active and even walked on water. You can visit all the historical sites and then simply relax and enjoy the scenery.

3) The Via Dolorosa This is the famous location of Jesus’ journey with the cross. The winding path traverses the picturesque and historic alleys of Jerusalem’s old city.

4) The Fortress of Masada This spectacular site overlooks the Dead Sea and offers amazing views of the local topography, as well as King Herod’s winter palace. Walk up the mountain if you are feeling energetic, or alternatively enjoy the more sedate delights and sights of the cable car.

Come and enjoy this historic land! Israel offers a warm welcome and generous hospitality to all tourists and pilgrims.

Via Dolorosa, Jerusalem, Israel

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