The Israel National Trail – Nature and history combined

The Israel National Trail – Nature and history combined

For most tourists, Israel is a treasure of religious sites as well as archeology and history. In recent years, however, more and more travelers are coming to Israel to hike the Israel National Trail.  The trail crosses the entire country of Israel from Tel Dan in the North to Eilat and the Read Sea, a length of 1,015 km.

Aside from the wonderful nature and the well-developed hiking paths there are several sites of Christian interest to enrich your ‘Holyland’ experience.

In the following short article, we present several of the most famous locations along the Israel National Trail so that you can plan your next trip properly.

Israel’s natural beauty alongside historic Christian sites

To help you plan your upcoming trip we have gathered here a list of the top 4 most interesting and beautiful places to visit:

Of all the sites of historic or geographical interest, you might want to visit while you’re in Israel, the most interesting ones are those on the Israel National Trail. The trail stretches across Israel from north to south and goes through many of the most interesting regions of this beautiful land. As part of the trail, you can visit Christian sites such as:

  1. The Sea of Galilee – See the place where Jesus walked on water and enjoy a refreshing swim at the same time. Sail the lake in a traditional wooden sailing boat and enjoy an st peters fish lunch. Visit the ancient village of Capernaum and experience the view from the Mount of Beatitudes.
The sea of galilee - nice place for backpacking in israel

2. The Judean Mountains – this is a hike that offers splendid views over the Coastal Plain and down across to the West Bank and Jordan. Many hundreds of kilometers of walking trails and mountain paths feature in this part of the trail as well as an abundance of flowers in the spring. This part of the trail also passes through the old “Burma Road” overlooking the way to Jerusalem. From here you can take a two-day side trip to Jerusalem for a walk along the ‘Jerusalem Trail’.

Backpading in Petra from Eilat

3. Mamshit and Mamshit Stream (Negev) – The trail passes through the ancient city of Mamshit, its alleys, churches, remains of stables, houses, and administrative structures. You can visit the ancient dams at Mamshit Stream’s (Nakhal Mamshit) river bed, walk through the narrow canyon of the stream and see the remains of ancient agriculture.

2 gouts on backpaing in israel

Take the time to explore – and find a new Israel.

Israel is a small country, but visitors come to appreciate how many sites of interest are packed into this tiny land. Give Israel the chance, to surprise, excite, and interest.

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