Best Tours: Israel and Jordan

The Israel National Trail – Nature and history combined

For most tourists, Israel is a treasure of religious sites as well as archeology and history. In recent years, however, more and more travelers are coming to Israel to hike the Israel National Trail.  The trail crosses the entire country of Israel from Tel Dan in the North to Eilat and the Read Sea, a [...]
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christian tours in Acre

Christian Tourism to Israel

Israel has become one of the most interesting places to visit in the eastern Mediterranean. With countless attractions, natural beauty and many new activities to experience, tourists from around the world are interested to come to see for themselves. It is also the holy land for millions of Christians, many of whom wish to visit [...]
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jaffa flea market

Jaffa Flea Market

One thing you never want to miss on a trip is a good flea market. Everyone knows that’s where you find all the best souvenirs and gifts to bring back home.

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Caesarea Center

New: $22 Million Visitor Center in Caesarea

Caesarea’s new visitor’s center was reconstructed from 4 of Kings Herod’s vaults, dated over 2000 years ago.
The center includes a fascinating exhibition of historical content, an informative media presentation and rare archeological artifacts found during the 5 year excavation of the area.

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Do You Dream of Flying? Make Your Dream Come True!

FlyBox, a safe indoor wind tunnel, can fulfill your dream of flying with all the excitement and adrenaline and none of the danger.

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Dead Sea

Visit The Dead Sea – The Lowest Place on Earth

The Dead Sea is a breathtaking natural wonder located 430 m (1,412 ft) below sea level, making it the lowest point on Earth.
Float effortlessly on the salty waters of the Dead Sea and enjoy the natural health benefits of the sulfur pools and mineral rich mud.

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Electric Bike Tour

Guided electric bike tours – Tel-Aviv

Electric bikes are the best way to explore the city’s sites, history and contemporary culture. Ride around Tel Aviv’s bike paths with a Certified Tour Guide!

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Central Bus Station tour (photographer - Yosef Adest)

Tel Aviv Central Bus Station Tour

Discover hidden tunnels and secret spaces, a bat cave, a Yiddish Museum and artist galleries that are all part of the urban fabric of the station today.

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Ruppen Apartments Tel Aviv

New 2br unit available at the Ruppin Apartments in Tel Aviv

A sun-filled bauhaus style apartment with high ceilings and a pleasant outlook onto tree-lined Ruppin Street. Carefully fitted-out by a professional interior designer and completely refurbished.
Click here for video footage of the apartment.

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Best Tours: Israel and Jordan

New Biblical Cooking Tour – Neot Kedumim Park – Central Israel

A short tour of our beautiful nature reserve, identifying some of the staple food growing here, followed by cooking your own light meal outdoors.

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