Backpacking tips for tourists to israel

Backpacking tips for tourists to israel

Today, Israel is a country that welcomes many visitors from all around the world. Backpacking is becoming increasingly popular as the growing networks of hostels and trails open up ever greater numbers of historic attractions.

Backpacking in israel

Israel offers an incredibly rich and multi-layered tourist experience. The amazing cultural diversity coupled with the vast number of religious and geographically important locations means that this country is essentially a must-see item on any backpacker’s list.

There is a wonderful supporting array of hostels and tours suited to independent travelers and backpackers.  There is so much to choose from that you can tailor your backpacking trip to suit your exact wishes.  Initially, you will want to visit Jerusalem, one of the world’s capital cities in terms of religious history and significance.  Then, the Dead Sea, Tel Aviv, and Masada are essential stopping-off points, each offering their own contrasting histories and atmospheres.

For nature-lovers, there are diverse and beautiful landscapes, from the shores of Galilee to the hills of the Gospel Trail.  Those who like city life can choose from the wealth of preserved history in Jerusalem or the bustle and excitement of modern Tel Aviv.

One popular option for backpackers is to follow one of Israel’s many trails. Perhaps the most famous of these is the Israel National Trail, otherwise known as Shvil Yisrael.  This is a hiking path that traverses the country of Israel from the Lebanese border in the north of the country all the way down to Eilat at the southernmost tip on the Red Sea. The trail offers 1,015 km of varied and historic scenery. Highly recommended!

Nearby Jordan also offers a number of attractive options to backpackers. For example, the “lost city” of Petra is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site and considered one of the wonders of the world. Tours depart daily from Israel and can be tailored to include other local destinations such as the incredible desert landscapes and Jordan’s capital city, Amman.

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